Angular JS

Framework by Google
Used as the framework for many types of web applications or apps, AngularJS is preferred by many web developer engineers since it uses HTML as the template language. It expands the syntax of the HTML so that the components of the app can be clearly expressed.

How It Works

While HTML works great for static documents, it lacks the function to create applications. So, using many programs other than AngularJS means having to write a considerable amount of code to get browsers to do what you want. This means a time-consuming effort to get the app to function the way you want in a program that is not designed for such items.
AngularJS offers another take, by reducing the inherent mismatch of what applications are supposed to do against the document-oriented HTML language, it basically creates directives within the browser itself that manages to bind the data, support form validation, create DOM control constructs that show, repeat, and hide fragments of DOM while attaching new behaviors and directions. Plus, pulling together HTML into components that can be reused makes this one of the best methods to build applications.


There are several advantages to using AngularJS when it comes to the creation of web applications, especially for those new to app building or tired of using other constructs. The most important advantage is that it simplifies the entire process so that it is easier to create the type of app that you desire.
Reduces Code: Because it is based on HTML, the data binding and other aspects of the AngularJS means that you can avoid writing much of the code that would be necessary with other frameworks for web applications.
Works Inside the Browser: Because all the action takes place inside the browser, it works with all server technology. That means this program stays functional and relevant even if you use several different server platforms while building your app.
You can look at AngularJS as the HTML of creating applications which makes it a cut above much of the competition and perfect for those just starting out in creating their own web apps.

Why Choose AngularJS?

When creating a web app, AngularJS offers a complete solution that creates a structure on its own with no need to write AJAX and DOM glue codes that are necessary with many other web app builders. Basically, it provides you with a single, catch-all system that makes creating new apps much faster compared to older, slower, hand-written code building methods.
With AngularJS, this means that if something is not right, it can be caught and corrected early in the process. the end-to-end testing, test harnesses, mocks, and unit-testing are thorough and complete so you make fewer errors and correct those that happen quickly.
The seed application offers as a starting point test scripts and layout of the directory to make things easier to understand. It’s little wonder that so many web developer engineers use AngularJS thanks to the advantages that it offers.

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