Create Virtual Servers with antsle

antsle server
While private cloud servers are nothing new for developers who want to create a host platform right from their office, Antsle offers several advantages that makes it one of the best services of its type on the market today.

What is Antsle?

It is a system that lets you host your own websites from the comfort of your office or home. In fact, you can manage over a hundred virtual servers all from your location. This means that you are in control and not paying one dime more no matter how many you add. There is a considerable amount of flexibility when using the virtual servers that are part of Antsle which means that you can have the RAM and CPU that you want, choose between VM or Containers for greater efficiency, and run it all from a simple GUI system called Antman.

There is upwards of 64 RAM and 16 TB of internal storage across the eight cores and Intel CPU. This is an SSD-based system and runs silently with no fans, vent holes, or other noise-making parts so you can have what you want in pure silence.


There are numerous advantages to hosting your own site from the convenience of your home or office. In addition, Antsle provides you with other benefits that make it the perfect choice for developers and anyone who does not want to rely on other services to host their own sites.
Fast Setup: The system itself is very user-friendly which means there are no complicated setup or dashboard displays so you can get it ready in five minutes. There is no training or long directions to study when purchasing this system.
Inexpensive: You are not only saving money each month by avoiding hosting fees, you can also create virtual servers at your convenience which means that you will not pay additional fees for expansion. For those who plan on running several sites, Antsle offers considerable financial advantages that will pay in the long run.
Unlimited: No longer are you trapped by limitations as you can enjoy all the room you need to expand your sites. By keeping your own data right by your side, it provides you with the ability to expand when you want and by as much as you want.
Be in Control: Antsle provides the tools necessary for you to host your site in the manner that you want. This means that you oversee the configuration, security, and control of the hosting site. You are not subject to the whims and changes made from other parent hosting sites since you are in control.
If you are tired paying monthly fees and want total control of your host sites all from the convenience of your home or office, the Antsle system is perfect for you. This simple, straightforward system allows you to create and manage virtual servers that lets you host over 100 sites if you desire. For the convenience, efficiency, and cost of the system, you will save money over time while gaining greater flexibility all thanks to the Antsle.

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