What is SEO? How much can it impact your business by ignoring it?

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is so keenly known as today is the process of making one’s website more visible to the normal results of a search engine. This is a lay example and one that we will expound upon. The immediate question then becomes what of SMM, SMO and SEM. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, SMO Social Media Optimization and SMM Social Media Marketing. All these terms are not just important by their definition but by what they can do for your business.
Whenever people enter their searches on Google and Ask and Bing, most people do not pay attention to the results they could find on the next page let alone ten pages later. Within the first five results, one will check and if they do not find what they need, alter their search to get different results. Page ranking has just been highlighted in this example. This is where a webpage that has most links relevant to the query in question is placed at the forefront of the results page. It is one of the original Google algorithms and has gone on to form the basis for SEO and SEM.
The only way to ensure your visibility is high is by having metadata relevant and unique to your business as high up in the search engines as possible to increase your ranking on the visibility and relevance ratings in terms of when people seek your business. The more hits you have then the more your business will be successful. Similar businesses like yours would get the client simply by having a standout strategy in terms of sponsoring their links or by having been in business longer thus having been accessed more would naturally feature high up on the search engine results page.
The other option is to attract the feedback from customers through a review form or page that would feature on the search engines. One may use the message board or feedback fill-out form common in most websites where keywords and metadata relevant to your website will allow a higher page ranking for your business and increase your digital footprint thus creating a wider online presence. These subtleties make the difference between breaking even and making profits. The investment in advertising and SEO should be returned and with interest or else losses will be made rather than the profits you sought when enlisting the services of your web developer.
During the process of web development, the web developer is required to make sure they make your website relevant and easy to find should one access a search engine. SEO is best used in making this happen as the developer makes sure key words and unique identification elements are present to make your website visible to the world in a quick search. Your business can flourish and perish at the touch of a button. If your online presence as a business is not unique and memorable, then clients will not be able to find you once they look you up on the search engines.

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