Nine things to include in the homepage of your website

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In this day and age the customer is King and businesses are not leaving any stone unturned to ensure they don’t lose these customers to competition. If you run a business, you will be using every channel to reach your customer base and the internet is one of the main mediums through which you can reach a larger audience. Having a website is like ensuring the customers have a platform to understand the products and services without having to travel to your store or physical address. They can access you from the comforts of their residence. The website has to do what your store does to draw customers. Hence when you design your website, it is as significant as setting up a store or rightly so, an e-store.


You have an amazing business idea or you have some innovative products/services to offer; amongst many things you get started with, one of the main items on your agenda is to get done with a website that showcases your services or product exactly as you want. Though at this stage it seems like just another procedural matter, it is a fact that in today’s day and age, a website is what gives personality to the product or service that is on offer. It is the face of your business and if the face doesn’t speak the right language the potential viewer or buyer is looking for, then the viewer moves on instantly to a new face! The effectiveness of the website therefore decides the success of your business.
The website should be designed such that it is not only user friendly and keeps the viewer hooked on to it but must have the key ingredients that can drive more traffic to your website. The homepage of the website has a key role to play in this area. So here is a list of nine things to include in the homepage of your website.
First impressions - First impressions - The Homepage is like the face of your business in the internet world. It is but natural to have an appealing face that makes the right impact. Using the right image which helps the user identify your brand easily and having the right logo can prove beneficial to the business in the long run.
Using right visuals - Any beautiful image on your website will not do what an image relevant to your business or product/service line-up can do. A good image always manages to capture the attention of interested and potential customers.
Who you are - The ‘About Us’ section must be as catchy as possible. This is what most users want to know if they are investing their hard earned money in someone they are not seeing in real. Keep the section as interesting as possible but not at the cost of honesty.
What is the offer - It is not just what you are selling but the benefits and advantages of the products or services that are on offer that matters to the customer. In fact buyers compare a lot before buying hence if you can state why the buyer would have a better deal on your website than another, it would be great.
Hold on to traffic - Make sure the homepage has the right links which helps the user navigate to the correct pages on your website. If not, you may be successful in getting users to your homepage but due to difficulty in finding the information immediately, they move off your homepage to different sites and the whole purpose of drawing the customer to your website is lost! The homepage must have right information displayed and correspondingly the links to navigate to other pages must be made available.
Easy access - However small or big a business you are presently, your website must have the contact information of your business and this doesn’t mean just your postal address or email but a valid phone number that helps the user contact you for information that s/he doesn’t find on your website. A contact form that’s easy and quick to fill in is a must-have.
Increase traffic - One of the most common ways to increase leads to your website is through the use of social media so providing links to facebook, pinterest and twitter is most essential and its best if this is available on your homepage
Dedicated Content - Having a lot of content on your website like e-books, guides and white-papers are beneficial for making the buying decision easier for the customers. Ensure the homepage has links to the same.
Testimonials - It would be great if you can display existing customer testimonials on your homepage or if you have many to boast of, then have a link to a complete page listing the same.

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