Important things to consider while designing your website

landing page


A website must have the ability to be easily accessible by those who already know and by those who don’t know about it as well! By this we mean it should easily come up on the search results when a potential customer is browsing or searching for the website. So the right keywords or phrases that most users may type in while searching the net should be used on your website.


When our own gadgets, hang or take time to boot-up we get irritated. So one can imagine the frustration when a website takes time to load or there is a page or link that takes you nowhere! Ensuring every link and page is functional in its true sense is important to hold on to the traffic.


A website with a complete set of features and functionalities but without a clean, user-friendly design is often not as desirable as a website with few features but with clean design and easy navigation


Having appealing images to attract audience is a good thing but ensure the images are relevant and in congruence with the content on the website. Also images you use on your website must be those which are your own or those for which you have the written permission to use.


There is no doubt that content rules. If the content on your website is not well managed, not organized, or the catalogs not updated then you are bound to lose the audience. The choice lies with you as to what CMS (Content Management System) you want to use or you want to approach a third party to manage the content on your website.


Everyone is in the business to grow. So never start anything without a long term plan in mind. For the website too, always ensure there is room for incorporating more pages or more content. If you do not plan for this at the on-set you will be in for a lot of re-work at a later stage when the requirement comes up.


With hackers, viruses and malware making their presence more and more in the internet world, security is not a choice but a must. The threat is not only to the website and the business but also to the customer’s information that is available on the website. Having SSL certificates are therefore important and regular checks need to be done, if necessary by a third party security agency.

Home Page

The homepage which brings out the personality of your business must be top-notch. From a good ‘About Us’ section to social-media links to customer testimonials, designing a homepage needs to be well thought out.

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