The MEAN Stack

Mean JS is a full stack open-source allusion available for MEAN applications. The goal of this JavaScript solution is to create a maintainable production solution for creating web applications with Node.JS, angular JS, Mondo DB and Express.

These types of applications can be written for client-side execution environments as well as server-side. The reason why many of these applications are becoming so important to businesses and software developers is because they are optimized for the cloud. With the use of open-source creation tools it's possible to generate better tools which can be a little more future proof and optimized for the use with many types of storage solutions.

MEAN.js can simplify the process of development as well as improve speed over time. The best part about using MEAN.js is that you can cut out a lot of the early grunt work and inefficiency that comes with the development process. Through the open Stack full source solution, you can have reliable and open source code that you can use to start any project as well as maintain your applications built-in JavaScript.

Full documentation is available for MEAN.js through its open source license and the application source code can be downloaded directly from the main website as well as through Github. The functions of this tool are available for viewing through a wide array of video tutorials as well as online tutorials. Learning the basics of MEAN and what it can offer can be a spectacular way that you can unlock extra tools within the generator, develop applications much more simply as well as improve the efficiency of your development process.

Sharing MEAN.js will only lead to future development through the open-source community. To learn about all the latest changes and improvements follow the documentation and learn why so many web developer engineers are using these tools in their future development projects.

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