Our physical World is drifting towards the era of a virtual age where everything is performed on servers and computers. It gives rise to the implementation and usage of latest technologies on the internet. Node.js is a platform that was originally built seven years ago to run with Google Chrome’s JavaScript environment, and the aim was to facilitate developers in crafting different network applications with least sophistication. Since then, the platform has been running smoothly, and an array of developers prefer it over any other competitor.

To understand the practical usage of Node.js in industry, we need to have a better understanding of network applications since the platform is explicitly used to design them. Network applications run on host A and provide a mode of communication to another application or tool running on host B. So more or less, it acts as a very well versed mode of communication between two runtime applications based on different hosts.

When developing any application, one of the primary concerns of any developer is to make it shift in usage and memory. For doing that, the application should not be running all the time. I mean it should only run when required by the user and should be very time bound. In technical terms, we call a platform running on such constraints a ‘runtime platform’ and it has become the primary choice for developers nowadays. You must be asking yourself ‘why Node.js?’ Well, the answer is relatively simple. Because it is an event driven platform and is one of the swiftest platforms, developers could use to develop a variety of network applications. Another crucial reason as to why developers prefer Node.js is because it processes and outputs data in segments and never buffers – that’s what every developer and client want!

Easy to Create Web Applications

Apart from all these features, there is just one feature that makes Node.js bag one of the topmost positions for being a developer’s darling. Since the platform is built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine, it offers a wide variety of JavaScript modules. Hence facilitating the development process by making things more convenient for the developer.

Simple Language

If you are not so proficient in explicit JavaScript coding, you could even write your program in any language that could later be compiled into JavaScript. One of the best alternatives that developers go after is CoffeeScript.

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