Key to Increasing your Online Visibility & Sales

Online Visibility
Many small businesses are trying to maximize their reach and sales potential online. It can be difficult to pinpoint just how they can improve their online visibility without the help of a hired internet marketing staff to tell you what is needed. One area that anyone with an eye for sales and customer service can look for improvement is a company’s home webpage. Your identity and first-impression towards potential customers needs to be strong, concise, and functional to compete with today’s crowded market. Companies that are willing to invest in website consultation to figure out how to nail the perfect website design can see their online visibility and sales increase practically overnight.

Expression and Connection

By keeping a generic info-based template for a homepage placeholder, small businesses are losing out on the opportunity to separate themselves from larger franchises and corporations. Strong website design can show the customer more than just your products or services, but also your personality. Each and every visitor that views your webpage will make a determination on whether your website is of any value in roughly 10 seconds, whether you are selling anything they could want or not. If they cannot identify all the context menus and navigate the page quickly, then they will not be staying on the page very long. A great website builder like BYTE ME may be the turning point of your continuing revenue decline by providing impression professional web designs that fit your brand.

Future-proofing Business

The number one priority for any business online who plans on growing their company is making sure their website is built to accommodate all platforms and devices, which can deliver a consistent and responsive service that will work as intended without worry about errors or mistakes in the future. It is also important that your website is designed to be able to incorporate various plugins and customization to allow for important business analytics, conversion monitoring, and other ways to stay ahead of the competition moving forward.

Sound Web Design

Getting a website put together these days is easy, compared to most parts of starting a business. Getting a website that designed with sound marketing and sales principles incorporated into the website theme and design themselves is something that needs a bit more skill. It is important to learn what web design companies offer the best value, but it is equally important to know if they know what it takes to fix conversion problems caused by poor web design. These include: maximizing usability, page-loading speed, proportioning, font hierarchy, navigation, placement of social media buttons, embedding media, and more. These are all common problems that can be solved by either a complete redesign of your current website or a modern update of its coding, tools, and platforms used. Since many business websites are self-built and self-maintained, it is important to not overlook the power of a second opinion by getting a free consultation for your business’ website. Just because you may see no problems with how your page performs, doesn’t mean it can’t use any help.

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