8 Ways To Use Pinterest To Increase Traffic To Your E-Commerce Business

For those of you who don't know what Pinterest is allow me to give you the quick rundown. Pinterest is a social network which allows its users to share images which involve interests with other users. You can see what other users are interested by seeing what they have “pinned” to their respective profile.
That bit of information in itself is valuable, as you can see what is trending by what is getting pinned the most. It helps people connect through similar interest and it helps you by allowing you to see what is popular and what stays over time even when trends change. There is a ton of value to gain from Pinterest to help out your online store or e-commerce business.

Let's get started

  1. Gain a huge following. It is of utmost importance to gain a following on Pinterest. This is the first and most important rule to ever follow. Having a huge following, will allow you to be your own advertising center for your online store.
  2. All right, so you have a huge following. You are running an online store and want more people to come to your e-commerce business. What do you do to attract more people than ever before? Place your promotions for your products or promotions going on for your online store on Pinterest. This will allow your followers to see it, post it on their own board and you will have people promoting your promotions. This will gain more and more visitors.
  3. You can post your products. However, that is extremely impersonal. It works better when you are able to tell a story through photos which also include what your online store sells. For example, lets say you have a store that sells snow boots. You show pictures of people wearing your snow boots in piles of snow. Then you have photos of them without it which show their socks are dry.
  4. You can hold a contest among your followers to see who can share the most pins of your board. This will motivate your followers to spread word of your online store and promotions which in turn will bring customers. Of course, deliver the prize to your winner and post an image for others saying Thank You. Let people know that the competition will be happening from time x to time y. You want to give yourself enough time for people to know so that many people can attempt to win that prize and give you more advertising.
  5. Show videos of your product in action. Don't make it cheesy. Make it as naturally as possible. What do I mean by this? I'll show you what I mean by use of example. You sell tennis rackets. You make a video of someone practicing tennis with your online store's tennis rackets.. In the post description, you describe what is going on and then insert the link for the tennis racket. If you have quality products, they will be able to sell themselves.
  6. You can use Pinterest to see which items are mostly desired by others. You can use the photos to compare a couple of items and see which ones are pinned the most. This will allow you to focus on selling the more desired product and promoting that same product.
  7. Network. If you are in the fashion industry and your online store focuses on fashion, align yourself with other Pinterest users who also focus on fashion. You want to get connected with those fashion users who have extremely high follower counts as you can help each other with promoting. You would promote them on your board and they would promote you on your board.
  8. Be a source of information. This doesn't directly help with getting more people onto your online store. What this does do on the other hand is increase your trust and reputation. People will be going to you to find information on what your focus is. Since more and more people will go to check if you have any latest scoops then they will see posts to your online store and your promotions.
Here are some simple ways to use Pinterest to promote your online store. Happy Hunting.

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