Benefits of pixel perfect website

pixel perfect website
Let us try and imagine that the million cells in our body undergo a re-vamp to make us function more efficiently and we wouldn’t have the nagging pains in the back or the knees again. We would feel more energetic and spirited in the morning and there is more spring in our lives. Surely everyone will want this to be for real. What the cells do to our bodies is what pixel perfect designs can do to websites. A website becomes more efficient in many ways if a pixel perfect design is used to build it.
There are many methods that developers use to build the website. The basis of the process however remains the same which is to first gather the requirements from the client whose website you are developing, come up with a design based on the requirements and use appropriate code to develop the same before you test and implement it. Here we look at how the website is designed and the benefits of Pixel perfect designs in particular. To begin with it is usually a sketch of what goes into each page of the website and how they can be fit in but time is not spent detailing the same. The designer then goes about developing a detailed layout or comprehensive layout of the webpage which is called as design comp in short. This basically takes in to account each and every element on the webpage, where it fits in and how it is placed with respect to one another. Design comps can be done using wireframes or Photoshop or other means. These design comps can be passed on to the client to help the latter visualize the various web pages in the website and give feedback on any changes as required. The designer then makes another iteration of the design before getting it signed off by the client.
When the design comps use each pixel in such a way that the image, graphics or various features like buttons look sharp and clean, then the design is pixel perfect. A button for example will be sized and aligned with respect to other objects in terms of exact pixel size and placement. Even a bit of re-sizing or re-placement can make the image or feature blurry. Areas on the website layout where graphics will be coming in, the designer aims to get pixel perfection at the design stage itself so that there is no rework at a later stage. It is then expected that the final end result is exactly as what was seen in the design comp and nothing short of it. To design a pixel perfect website a lot of time and effort goes into the detailing so that the design is representative of the final product. The advantage is that there is no further designing while in the development stage due to which the development plan is concrete and unwarranted issues due to new design changes are therefore avoided. Pixel perfect design makes the website on the whole look aesthetically appealing and is a great visual experience for the user. With more and more websites going mobile and lots of different apps entering the market, it is imperative for businesses to ensure pixel perfect interfaces so that users will prefer theirs to their competitor’s apps. Hence if you are in business, then make sure your website does not lose out to your competition by opting for a pixel perfect design.

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