How to build a responsive website
First off, you need to know what a responsive website is. A responsive website uses images, layouts, scripts, and flexible grids to change the resolution of your device’s screen so as to go in line with its display. To make the definition simpler, a responsive website will have the same functionality and accessibility on your mobile device, the same way it will on your desktop. And the reason is because no matter what screen size your device has, a responsive website will make the video, images or content fit the screen size. It also allows for easy accessibility of the web pages you are viewing.


Answering the question above is quite simple; mobile computing is gaining more ground. Devices like the Galaxy Tabs and the iPads are very popular devices. There are a lot of other devices, besides the aforementioned ones, that can be used to access the web no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Websites that are not responsive will be hard to use and hard to see on devices like these. Also, your client and customer base is not going endure. We all know that internet users are not all that patient, so if your website cannot be used or viewed on a smaller screen, the bounce rate of your mobile will be high. Having a high mobile bounce rate will have a lot of repercussions on your business, and it will also cost you more money, new clients and customers, and reduce your placement on search engines. With all of these effects, your competitor who might have a mobile friendly website will outrun you. Also, studies have shown that about 75% of consumers prefer to purchase from a mobile friendly website, which means having one will definitely benefit your business.


Now to the main topic, there are some things you need to put into consideration so as to make sure your website is responsive. These things include; Compressing Your Site - Compressing your site means reducing the number of bytes your website sends across the network. The compression of your website will make it easier for users to navigate and access your website. It will also ensure that the pages of your website loads faster.

To add to the compression of your website, minimizing your JavaScript and CSS is also a wise step. You can do this by eliminating any white space or unnecessary line breaks. Once this is done, the file size will be reduced which will in turn increase the speed at which users are able to parse and download them.

Make Use Of Fluid Images - Using fluid images will allow the images on your website open in their original form no matter what device or screen resolution your users are using to view your website. A single line of CSS code can help you achieve this; img{ max-width: 100%; }. To ensure that the fluid image loads properly, a PHP script that will identify the screen size and automatically resize the picture to fit the screen should be used.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Elements - Installing elements that seem cool is something that is common with a lot of website owners, but you should also note that your site will become heavier with each element you install, which will in turn make the loading if your website slower. So for you to have a website that loads faster and fit the responsive description, you need to get rid of all the elements that are not important or of value to you. You can determine which of your elements needs to be deleted by analyzing your website. There are a lot of programs you can use to do the analyzing.

Make Use Of Media Queries - These are CSS technology that enables CSS to be applied only when some specific conditions are met. For instance, a browser might be able to use CSS when a specific bandwidth has been reached.

Make Sure Your Hosting Package Is High Quality - No matter how many number of tweaks you make on your website, if your web hosting option is crappy, you won't have much success. There are different hosting packages by different hosting companies, all you need to do is make some research and settle for the one that will give you more value for your money.

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