How to write an SEO optimized article

Ever wondered why you still haven’t been able to attract the masses towards your work in spite of writing good quality posts? Or why you couldn’t maintain the top ranks after the early success? The solution to this is optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a method used successfully in web publishing to improve the visibility and traffic of your web page. This technique helps in ranking your website on top of some famous search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., which in return drives a whole lot of traffic towards your website, thus becoming a great source of income. In order to make your article SEO Optimized, you need to put in a little hard work apart from simply submitting your website to the search engine. You got to find ways to attract the readers towards your work. There are several methods to do that, some of which are described in this article.
Post title and SEO title are the two attributes that play a major role in search engine ranking and this is the reason why it becomes more important to understand the difference between the two. A post title is the one that appears on your article above your post’s description. Whereas, a SEO title is the one that is hunted down by the search engines and placed in their search results. Make it a habit to optimize your post for both, the reader as well as the search engine. Filing the titles accordingly and carefully makes it more appealing to the readers and works as a building block for an SEO optimized article.
Writing an article and putting it up on Social Media isn’t going to get you traffic. What will get you viewers, are the SEO Keywords, since the search engine relies heavily on it. The SEO keyword or the SEO description will be shown right below the post title in the search results. So, you ought to write something meaningful, something that the reader can get the gist of your post easily. The keyword should be chosen on the basis of its appearance in the article. The more it is mentioned in the article, the greater chance it has to be regarded as a keyword. The frequent occurrence of the keyword can also help in determining how optimized that post is for the search engine. Once the keyword is chosen, make sure the post title and the SEO title contains it, the SEO description contains it, and even the images should reflect the selected keyword.
Search Engine optimization is a great way of increasing the quality of your website by making it user friendly, easier and faster to navigate. All you have to do is to put in a little extra effort to optimize your posts in an effective manner that increases its visibility and attract more traffic towards it. By following the above mentioned guidelines, you will surely notice the difference and the techniques will help you further improve your website’s rankings.

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