Why JavaScript is Right for You

There is little doubt about the overall popularity of JavaScript, but what makes it unique is the different applications where it excels. For the past several years, JavaScript has managed to expand its functions and provide a wealth of uses that range from creating impressive visual effects to calculating data found on web pages and more.

It was not long ago that browsers were not that powerful and HTML pages were mostly static, self-contained documents. At that time, JavaScript allowed the pages to be more dynamic, but didn’t go much further than date selector widgets and image slideshows. However, that has all changed and JavaScript has advanced with the times become faster and providing web developers with additional advantages.

The advantages are such that many web developers use JavaScript and their customers prefer the platform for its many uses. Plus, since JavaScript is executed on the client’s side, it saves bandwidth as well as strain on the web server itself which offers considerable advantages.

Easy to Create Web Applications

The proven track record of JavaScript when it comes to being the heart of web applications today speaks for itself. Because it can create new web applications that helps make life more convenient in terms of the end user, it can be the key to success for the web developer and their clients. JavaScript makes their functionality simple, straightforward, intuitive to use, and free of bugs that otherwise hamper the development of web applications. In addition to web applications, there are other advantages of JavaScript that make it the perfect choice for web developers and their clients.

Simple Language

Because the language of JavaScript is easy to learn, it makes it simple to develop scripts that solve many issues. Plus, you can provide functionality that is prewritten for various objects on pages which expands your use of the entire system. It helps that the syntax of JavaScript mirrors the English language which makes it very intuitive to use.

Greater Functionality

If you are using third party add-ons, it can use snippets of JavaScript to help extend the functionality of web pages. Basically, if your website requires a feature to be added, you can simply write it in yourself and use a basic add-on to include it on the web page. This means that the functions are simple when using third party add-ons which help enhance the overall performance of the site itself.


Since the code is executed on the user’s computer, depending on the task required all the processes and results will be nearly instantaneous. This is true on JavaScript web pages which reduces the need of memory so that the programs themselves run at a faster speed. There is no need for processing on the server side, so all the functions are carried out on the user’s computer. With these advantages, JavaScript has proven to be the best when it comes to the development of web applications and so much more. Today, more web developers are using JavaScript in the development of web programs as it continues to develop with every new advancement.

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