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Website Development

Utilizing tomorrows technology to build todays leading web designs.
Our passion is to provide beautiful, creative, modern and unique websites for any business.

Beautiful Web Design

Impress and engage new customers while growing your business with a modern unique design.

Creative SEO Coding

Easily index your site content with built in best practices and valid semantics for all search engines.

Gain an Audience

Apply attractive keywords to gain the appropriate audience seeking your services or products.

Quality Meets Affordability

Our company is filled with people who love what they do. We have pride in the
quality that we deliver and the best part yet, we enjoy making it affordable to you.

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We design websites with elegant and responsive html5 coding for any kind of profession.
Using the lastest release in technology to create you the most modern and unique site available.

  • Full support for a professional side swipe navigation system for mobile devices.
  • We've put the focus on your content to create optimal reading and browsing experience no matter your device size.
  • Color control to suit your own brand or allow us to choose the right colors for you.
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  • Designed based on twitter bootstrap 3.2. Used as a show case for your business website.
  • Supports embedded media from sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, plus support for self hosted HTML5 Video and Audio.
  • Built with your touch screen devices in mind...swipe.

Our Portfolio

Here is a small sample of what we have created for our happy clients!

Marcus Trufant's Barbershop

The Barbershop 206

The Barbershop Show is hosted by Seahawks veteran Marcus Trufant and Terry Hollimon.

Phoenix Jones Ben Fodor

Phoenix Jones

Started as an MMA fighter who took on a role as the Seattle Superhero.

Avery Williamson tennessee titans

Avery Williamson

Official website of Avery Williamson, current Linebacker of the Tennessee Titans.

vickibaybeee website


Vicki Li is an uprising young model/actress with over 1 Million Instagram followers.

Par 7 Premium Vodka

Par 7 Vodka

Ultra-premium quality that is required of the world’s first “Members Only” vodka.

MTV making the band Dante Roze

Dante Roze

Dante Roze is a song writer/singer & actor. He is a cast member of the T.V. Show EMPIRE.

Monroe Family Dentistry

Donald Kim DDS

Dr. Kim is a well known dentist in Monroe, Washington.

Pasific Northwest dating service

Get A New Mojo

Romi dedicated her set of skills to be a life coach helping people find relationships.

Saltwater Aquarium iOS and Android app

Aquarium I.D.

A website to showcase an IOS app. The app is a guide for saltwater aquarium hobbyist.

Trufant Family Foundation

Trufant Family Foundation

Seahawks 10 Year Veteran Official Site.

Law firm in souther california

Law Office of Lisa Stribling

Practicing family law in souther California.

Everett Washington landscape company

Alega Landscape

Seattle landscaping company.


This company was founded by a group of minority entrepreneurs with the same goal in mind of being the cost effective solution for all businesses.

byte me web design

Why the name BYTE ME?

Steve Jobs' legacy is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. His vision, determination, creativity, attitude, and forward thinking soon became the foundation of what all my business beliefs are. As Jason and I sat down to talk about this new business venture, I wanted to come up with something creative for a business name. At that time I was actually sitting in front of my iMac looking at the Apple logo. For some weird reason, BYTE ME came to mind! I changed the spelling from bite to byte... you know like megabytes? The name stuck with me ever since so here we are today. - Ton Tran, President/Co-founder.

Is BYTE ME appropriate for a business name?

Some people have asked me to change the name so other businesses can treat my company seriously. I replied, what if I was to tell you in the 70's a guy by the name of Steve Jobs name a computer company after a fruit. What would you say? Our quality of work speaks for itself, everything else is secondary. - Ton Tran, CEO.

seattle creative agency

Other Service We offer

We are an end to end creative agency. One stop shop as you have heard from our long list
of happy satisfied clients. Our passion is driven by being the solution for small business.

Seattle web development company

Photography & Art

Our passionate team here at BYTE ME is proud to provide you with the best photos, editing, touch ups and a perfect blend of filters.

washington state web design company

Social Marketing

Our experts are on standby, ready to strategically utilize social media marketing as a powerful tool and grow your business.

website development company

Graphic Design

We specialize in building custom logos, icons, business cards, banners, flyers, and pamphlets. You name it, we can design it.

website design company

Mobile Application

We developed a numerous amount of apps since 2012 with our sister company PandaLilly Apps. Turn your idea into the next big thing.

Website Pricing

Contact us for a free consultation to see which plan best fits your needs. We are going
to be your best business solution, helping you gain a web presence in today's technology world.

  • SEO Campaign
  • $350/mo
  • Website Traffic
  • Bookmarking/Back Links
  • Articles/Blogs
  • Local Citation
  • Social Media Visibility
  • White Hat Technique
  • Get Started
  • Business
  • $2,500
  • 4 Weeks Delivery
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • 100MB Email Setup
  • Custom Logo
  • SEO Optimization
  • Customer Support
  • Get Started
  • Corporation
  • $4,500
  • 8 Weeks Delivery
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • 500MB Email Setup
  • Custom Logo
  • SEO Optimization
  • Customer Support
  • Get Started
  • Ecommerce
  • $6,500
  • 12 Weeks Delivery
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • 500MB Email Setup
  • Custom Logo
  • SEO Optimization
  • Customer Support
  • Get Started

Meet The Founding Fathers

Our work environment is surrounded by people who we trust, respect, and appreciate.
We are passionate in what we do, which makes it even more fun to come to work.

Web Developer at Byte Me

Ton Tran

Co-founder & Web Developer

Marketing Director at Byte Me

Jason Hicks

Co-founder & Marketing Director

Board of Advisors

We continue to grow our knowledge, both with business and technology from our advisory board.
Each advisor has a different set of skills which complements our business growth.

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"As a former NFL player, unity was a key factor of how we won the Super Bowl Championship. Jason is like a little brother to me so it's my pleasure to give him advice not only in his business but with life. I enjoy seeing the growth of BYTE ME and will stick around to see it grow even more."

Lawyer Milloy of Seattle Seahawks
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"After four years of being the senior software engineer at Google, I decided to venture out and create my own company. Today, I have 11 business ventures going on auto pilot. Ton approached me one day at a Microsoft SEO lunch & learn and since then, I've been happy being his tech mentor."

David Wu of Google
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"Working at Microsoft has been a passion of mine for many years. I love technology and I love helping people. One day Jason came to me asking for some advice on how we can scale our business. We sat down for few hours talking about the business and since then it been smooth sailing.

Bryan Griffin of Microsoft

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